Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On to Volume II

You might ask "Volume II?"

Let's just say that that is my intent. My first book is in transit and I should have it in hand and ready to ship in a couple of weeks. Be that as it may, Forgotten Alabama is in my blood. After all the miles I have logged (around 25,000) and the 10,000 or so photographs I've taken, I have come to the realization that I have barely scratched the surface of the massive landscape that is Alabama. Yesterday was another all-day excursion collecting new images for what I hope to be my second volume of many. 

I think a lot while on the road. For the most part, I have little human contact but, this being Alabama and all, I'm never really alone. As I wandered through rural Cullman County I saw several people nod or wave going the other direction. It made me smile because we're all friendly folk here and waving to the oncoming car is considered normal out in the sticks. Now the older gentleman up in Morgan County by the Tennessee River...he was not quite so friendly. I was standing by a fence shooting something when he rolls up. The first words out of his mouth were "Can I help you?" but the look on his face was not one anxious to help me in any way. I debated asking him for a cheeseburger and fries but decided that was not wise as he probably wouldn't get my sense of humor. I explained what I was doing and that I was not trespassing. He eventually accepted. albeit begrudgingly, that I was not a Viking plunderer and left me alone. Later on I stopped at the Three Way Grocery in Asbury to get some Broasted chicken. The staff was friendly and the chicken was good. The potato wedges weren't bad either. The fried okra was so-so but they had Milo's tea which was a plus. 

I shot this last March. It's what appears to be an old sharecroppers house in western Madison County. It kinda sticks out because the rest of the area is cleared and you wouldn't even see the house were it not for the camouflage. That is what I call ironic. 


Kinda in the middle of nowhere is this little gas station in rural Tuscaloosa County. The trees now seem to have the upper hand.

One of the most beautiful cars to have ever been made...well, in my opinion, this classic 1957 Chevy Bel Air spends it final days soaking in the sunshine in Montgomery County.

This...I have no clue was this was. It's about halfway between Morgan City (half of which is, ironically, in Marshall County) and Union Grove. I thought maybe a small store but there is a huge ditch between me and it. So we will go with your guess is as good as mine.

I had ambitious plans to cover a lot of ground in a single day. Normally my days run 14 hours and cover around 500 miles. Unfortunately I hit a snag around 2pm. I was way up in northeast Alabama on the road to the now closed Sequoyah Caverns. I thought the ground I parked on was solid but I was sadly mistaken. For the very first time I actually got stuck. I spent the next 45 minutes trying to dig my way out to no avail. Fortunately help came in the form or the Valley Head Water Department. They had four wheel drive and a chain and pulled me out of my dilemma. I wish I had thought to get their names but I would like to extend my gratitude to the town of Valley Head and those two gentlemen who freed me from the bonds of nature. However, by now it was 3pm and my next stop was 65 miles away. Ms. Garmin estimated I would get there by 4:47. 

In winter, 4:47 is what I call the end of my day so, for now, my next target will have to wait for another day. 


  1. Hi Glenn,
    I found your blog while I was researching about old houses in Alabama. I'm a photographer too. I'm doing a research about old abandoned plantations here in Alabama. I found interesting to find other photographers looking at the same things like me.
    About your photography, what camera are you using? I can see some of the images are out of focus or moved. Are you shooting color and then converting on B&W?

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the blog this is very appreciable work its looks really and having so much affection for Alabama . There are so many historic things to remember in Alabama and some of these were Amazing places to visit in Alabama

  3. Great blog, but I'm wondering if still active. Latest post I can find is January 2016, and now it's September. Hope all is well!

  4. Well now it is October.... gotta love this technology - we now have so many ways to communicate we can't converse at all.... My nephew found some Forgotten Alabama by accident and is preserving it http://dixieartcolony.org/

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